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Pearson’s Catering


With fresh, high-quality ingredients and creative twists on cherished seasonal dishes, Pearson’s Catering provides delicious scratch-made meals handcrafted and catered especially for you and your events.

With more than 15 years of experience delivering exceptional feasts to the Central Florida area, Pearson’s Catering combines a unique approach to gourmet catering with classically trained culinary skills. Let us bring holiday cheer to your corporate event.

One Entrée, 2 Sides, Salad, Rolls, Butter, Sweets $18 per person
Two Entrees, 3 Sides, Salad, Rolls, Butter, Sweets, $23 per person
Two Appetizers, Two Entrees, 3 Sides, Rolls, Butter, Sweets, $28 per person
Additional Sides $2.50 per person
Additional Entrees Available, Pricing will Vary

Minimum of 15 Guests

Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options Available

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